Upholstery Cleaning in San Angelo, Texas

Dirty Sofa?

We understand that life happens. We all have similar habits. We eat, drink, nap, and occasionally spill things on our furniture. That's just a part of life.

The sofa is where we hang out in the evenings. It's a bed for our college pals when they come to visit. It's where we watch the big game while eating greasy foods. The sofa is where we find comfort on the weekend for a peaceful nap. It is also the place where our pets like to sit, roll around, and sleep. The sofa has long been our "go-to" place in my house. How about your home?

That doesn't mean you can't have fresh smelling, nice looking furniture. Clean upholstered furniture serves a much larger purpose than just looking good.

Your furniture, as well as your carpets, need to be cleaned and maintained for your health, too!

Germs. Bacteria. Dirt. Dust Mites. Food. Oils. Drinks. Grease. Pet Hair and Dander.

A regularly cleaned sofa can reduce dust mite allergens. Plus, a professional upholstery cleaning can help remove the dirt, bacteria, grease, oils, dead skin cells, viruses, and mold that is trapped within the fibers of your furniture.

DID YOU KNOW that the average family sofa contains more bacteria than your household toilet seat? 

Think about this:

Most adults clean their bodies each day. Sometimes more often. We will wash the dishes every day. For most, we do laundry and clean our clothes on a very regular basis. We clean the toilet. We take our automobiles to the car wash every weekend. We clean the tub. Yes, we clean the place where we clean ourselves! We clean our shoes. We clean our teeth. We wash the driveway and clean our windows. We go so far as to clean our smart phones. WE CLEAN EVERY THING WE OWN EXCEPT OUR SOFA!

It's time to change. Call 325-658-1887 to schedule your upholstery cleaning. It's time for you to live a healthier and cleaner life. You deserve it!

Professional Furniture Cleaning

Professional Cleaning VS Do It Yourself

Dog and cat are lounging on a sofa that is in need of professional upholstery cleaning.

Are you in need of a really good Upholstery Furniture Cleaning in San Angelo? Chem-Dry of San Angelo is ready to help.

Do you find yourself asking, “Why should I choose professional upholstery cleaning versus cleaning it myself?”

Let’s take just a minute to look at few things together in order to help you make the most informed decision possible. 

Dust, dirt in the air, dog and cat dander, food crumbs, sweat, body oils, and dry soil on clothing settle into your upholstery and carpet.

Regular use of your beautiful furniture causes these almost invisible soil particles to penetrate deeper into the fibers

of your carpet and upholstery than a regular household vacuum or personal steam cleaner can extract.

Over time, soil particles degrade the fibers of your upholstery, causing permanent damage and decreased appearance.

Maybe you're thinking to yourself that your furniture has some removable covers – why not just put them in the washing machine?

Well, your washing machine & laundry detergents are not designed for properly cleaning the designer fabrics used for furniture.

Those zippered cushions on your sofa are designed the way they are so that the foam or cushion

can be replaced when it wears out, not so that the cover can be washed at home. 

A professional furniture cleaning from your local Chem-Dry technician

will provide a thorough clean without fading, shrinkage, and damage to the shape or fabric.

Furthermore, if you clean just the cushion covers,

the rest of the sofa, chair, or sectional will not match the

freshly cleaned cushions.

What about the protective coating you purchased?

Will professional upholstery cleaning remove the protective coating

that was applied when you bought your new furniture?

The truth is, over time all fabric protectors lose effectiveness, with or without cleaning.

If your furniture was purchased more than two years ago or is clearly showing signs of soiling,

a professional upholstery cleaning is recommended.

Cleaning will remove what is left of the protectant that was applied when you bought your furniture.

At Chem-Dry of San Angelo, we can apply a Protectant after the cleaning process

to help with stain resistance by forming a barrier around the fibers.

Still not sure why hiring a professional is worth the cost? Well, the powerful tools that professionals will use for the cleaning

of your furniture are far superior at stain removal and extracting rubbish deep from your furniture's fabric than any

sort of equipment that is rented or purchased from a department store. 

Also, it requires the skill of a trained technician not to use excess water or cleaning solutions, as either of these can cause damage. 

In my opinion, probably the most commonplace error that Do-It-Yourself homeowners make while steam cleaning their furniture

is applying an excess of liquid on their furniture's fabric. When dealing with items that are porous, such as upholstered furniture,

and have the capability of absorbing surplus moisture, this generally causes the growth of mold and/or offensive odors 

which typically involves calling a professional upholstery cleaner to remove them.

It has been my experience that there are numerous homeowners that are unaware that hot water extraction cleaning

of their upholstered furniture is possible.  In all reality, this cleaning method will typically extend the life of quite a few

items in the modern home. I know that there is an abundance of over-the-counter chemicals that a homeowner may purchase

and use to achieve substandard spot cleaning on their furniture fabrics.

You may have tried a few of these. Maybe you know a friend who has tried them with no success.

These over-the-counter chemicals and methods provide nowhere near the effectiveness and visual results as the services

provided by your local upholstery cleaning professional. A skilled technician - who is trained to professionally clean your 

household furnishings - is able to remove more dry soil, household dirt, various types of debris, annoying odors, and unsightly stains.

Your local professional upholstery cleaner will also have very expensive, professional grade equipment

and cleaning solutions,as well as be trained to closely monitor water usage during the entire cleaning process.

This is very important, because as mentioned before, over-wetting the

furniture's fabric can result in the furniture being in worse shape than it began. 

What To Expect From An Upholstery Cleaning Service

Experience and Education

Handheld upholstery tool being used to clean furniture in a home.

What should you expect? For me, the simple answer is: experience and education.

An upholstery cleaning technician that is experienced and has had some formal education and training in the process

knows how to sustain the integrity of furniture fabrics while being able to complete the cleaning task.

Nowadays awareness of the environment has become as important as maintaining a clean and lovely home.

A dependable and honorable carpet and upholstery cleaning service, like Chem-Dry of San Angelo,

will be completely conscious of the environment and our choice in cleaning solutions that we

employ during the cleaning of your beautiful household items.

Also know that every company has its own unique way of doing things.

However, most companies will use very similar methods and equipment in cleaning furniture.

It has always been the industry's best practice to pre-vacuum 

the sofa or other piece of furniture with an efficacious vacuum.

Ask if this is part of the cleaning process before hiring a cleaning service.

Chem-Dry performs this first step and believes in its benefits.

The initial vacuuming removes loose, dry soil preventing it from becoming further

entangled within the fabric and turning into mud during the wet cleaning phase.

After the pre-vacuuming step, professional sofa cleaning services will generally spray a thin coating of pre-spray

that will be absorbed by the furniture. The pre-spray covers and encloses the remaining soils left behind after vacuuming. 

This step creates an easier way to remove soil that is caught in the fibers

or has been pressed down deep into the furniture's fabric. 

After the pre-treatment phase using the pre-spray solution, your furniture cleaning tech

will utilize hot water and light detergent to the upholstery being cleaned.

Keep in mind that what I am explaining is a general idea of what to expect.

Not all cleaners are equal. Chem-Dry of San Angelo uses safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Our core cleaning solution will not attract dirt and soil like detergents used in the cleaning industry.

This step may be performed by simply utilizing a sponge and applying light pressure,

or it can be achieved using a handheld upholstery tool (much like the one pictured above)

that delivers both cleaning solution and hot water in a single mixture. 

After your tech has finished treating your furniture using this process a time or two, the furniture's

fabric is dried using the handheld upholstery tool which removes of most of the moisture.

Lastly, for an additional fee, upholstery protectant may be applied to your furniture to help keep it safe

from occasional spills and dry soil in the near future. The newly-cleaned furniture should then sit and air dry

for a 3-4 hours depending upon humidity levels, etc. A fan blowing towards the furniture can help expedite the drying time.

It is okay to ask questions when calling to schedule your cleaning with a professional business.

A quality upholstery cleaning service will be able to provide chemicals or cleaning solutions that are safe for disposal.

They should be non-toxic and safe for the residents; this includes the family and the family pets. 

A baby should be able to safely crawl or sleep on the fabric once it is clean and has dried. 

Extraction of the cleaning chemicals thoroughly from the recently cleaned furniture

is imperative to ensure proper safety to clientele.

A choice company will be properly licensed (if mandated by their state), insured, bonded,

and provides good service within a realistic time frame. 

Hiring a high-quality upholstery cleaning service doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg.

A superior company will charge a sensible price that will provide their client with good value for the price.

Just remember that for around $100-$300, the average homeowner can bring their beloved sofa or

sectional back to life. It will feel better, smell fresher, and be void of allergens.

A professional upholstery cleaning can save as much as 90% versus the cost of purchasing a new piece of furniture!

Chem-Dry's Upholstery Cleaning Process Explained

Please take just a minute to watch this video explaining our upholstery cleaning process.

Steam Upholstery Cleaner in San Angelo

Do you know what lurks within your sofa? Take just a moment to watch this quick video to the end. You may be surprised at the amount of hair, dry soils, dead skin cells, etc. that we extracted from just one side of a single sofa cushion using our powerful Truck Mounted Equipment. 

Upholstery Cleaning and Dust Mites

Dust mites prefer to live in humid, warm areas. They are too small for us to see without the aid of magnification. However, these minuscule pests could be causing BIG problems with your health. 

On average, Chem-Dry of San Angelo eliminates 98.1% of allergens from your carpet and upholstery that are commonly found in your home. 

These irritants include dust mite allergens, cat dander, and dog dander.

Our amazing results were achieved during a professional cleaning employing our unique process.