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Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Office chairs surrounding a table. The office has grey colored commercial glued down (CGD) carpet.

The carpet that is in your home absorbs all sorts of dry soil, dirt & allergens on a daily basis. However, this is multiplied and applies more so in an office setting with commercial carpet where the carpets endure heavier use and people walk around in their shoes. The  large amounts of dirt and allergens that are trapped in your commercial carpet can possess some health implications for yourself, your co-workers, and your employees. 

Unfortunately, all of this can lead to a loss in productivity and profits.

Commercial carpet cleaning is one of our specialties at Chem-Dry of San Angelo. Using our very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning method, not only are your carpets cleaner, but they will dry faster, too. This allows you and your employees to get back to work in a timely manner. Another benefit to our method is the absence of a noisy van just outside your entrance. Also, there are no large vacuum hoses for people to trip over. Plus, if necessary, your entry doors may be closed and locked while we clean your carpet.

Our VLM carpet cleaning method uses far less water than any steam cleaner. For most types of commercial glued down carpet (CGD) our VLM method is less harmful to the carpet and the backing. If too much moisture is used during the cleaning process, besides prolonged drying time, mold and mildew can form. Excess moisture will also cause the glue that holds the carpet in place to delaminate. This will cause rolls to form in your carpet. Also, excessive moisture will cause those annoying re-appearing stains. In the carpet cleaning industry we refer to re-appearing stains as "wicking." 

Chem-Dry of San Angelo's VLM encapsulation cleaning process eliminates these common issues. To maintain a healthy working environment, and the life of your carpet, it's essential to schedule regular carpet cleaning appointments. Rest assured, we realize you can’t always close the doors of your business because you’re getting your carpet cleaned. Your business needs to remain open for the benefit of your employees, clients, and profit.

That's why Chem-Dry uses a specialized commercial carpet cleaning service. 

Carpet Maintenance Plan

Protect Your Investment

Office chairs, filing cabinets, and a table on grey colored commercial carpet tiles.

Of all the numerous types of surfaces in a facility, there probably isn't one more troublesome

to clean and maintain, while ensuring a pleasant visual appearance, than carpet.

 Carpet is great option and an effective surface for a business location because it provides many benefits to the business owner.

There are benefits such as a reduction in noise pollution, improved air quality inside of the business,

a reduction in slips and fall accidents, not to mention reducing the injuries associated with those accidents. 

The need for developing a practical maintenance plan for your commercial grade carpet

is crucial to its appearance and the life cycle costs it will offer you. 

There are numerous businesses that have an unsuccessful plan for the maintenance of their carpet,

which is based on the concept of “we will clean the carpet when it looks dirty.” 

As a professional carpet cleaner, I can assure you that this is not a practical plan

because today's modern carpet fibers are shaped and designed to "hide" dry soils.

Back when synthetic carpet was first made available to customers over 60 years ago,

the 1st generation of fibers were round. The newly designed round shape of these fibers literally magnified

all of the dry soil in the pile of the carpet, making them appear to be more soiled than they were.

This produced a distinct problem for carpet fiber producers who were looking to sell their product to carpet manufacturers. 

Later, with the introduction of the 2nd generation of fibers, manufacturers changed

the fiber shape so that it would do a better job of hiding soil. 

You will notice that today’s carpet is still being manufactured using fibers designed to hide dry soil.

If your carpet maintenance plan to maintain your carpet includes cleaning it when it looks soiled,

you're cleaning your carpets too late. Waiting until your carpet looks dirty before cleaning it

causes damage to your carpet fibers due to the abrasive nature of the soils that build up in the carpet. 

Unfortunately, as a consequence of this damage, the carpet fibers will not reflect light evenly.

Also, the carpet starts to develop what we refer to as "traffic lanes"  - that are unable to be completely cleaned.

Eventually, your carpet will need to be replaced in order to improve the appearance; and this is an expensive consequence. 

The best solution is constructing a carpet maintenance program that will reduce

the life cycle costs of your carpet by keeping an acceptable level of appearance.

Doing so will extend the life of your carpet and maximize your investment. 

Executing Daily Prevention

Preventative Maintenance For Your Carpet

A long hallway with a commercial vacuum leaning against the wall.

Preventative maintenance for your carpet is a critical step in preserving your investment.

Yet, many businesses do not perform this vital step properly, if at all.

Don't forget, the more dirt and dry soil that enters your business, the more it drives your overall floor maintenance costs.

No matter how extensive your preventative maintenance plan may be, it's inevitable that some amount of dry soil

will be tracked into your building; that's where your daily maintenance begins. 

Daily preventative maintenance is the procedure of soil removal that enters your facility.

This is done to reduce the damage the dirt and dry soil cause. This is generally accomplished by vacuuming the carpet.

More critical than any other single process, vacuuming is key to extending the life of your carpet.

It was determined during a recent industry study that 79% of the soil in the carpet is dry particulate soil.

This dry particulate soil scratches and erodes carpet fibers, making them appear damaged & worn, creating traffic lanes.

The most practical way to remove the dry particulate soil is by vacuuming the carpet.

To take this one step further, all carpet should be vacuumed before any other carpet cleaning process begins.

This includes before hot water extraction or encapsulation cleaning.

None of today's extraction equipment is designed to remove dry particulate soil in a wet state. 

Just so that we are clear:

Water and dirt make mud.

There are no extractors, truck mounted extractors included,

that are capable of removing dry soil in a wet, muddy state.


One of the most common questions I hear is, “What vacuum should I use?”

Well, in today's vast market there are numerous choices and it can be a challenging task to make a wise decision. 

In actuality, it all boils down to just 2 criteria: one is soil load and the other is production rate.

High-soil load areas of your facility will require an upright vacuum with a beater bar to agitate the dry soil from the carpet. 

Whether you choose a vacuum with a single motor (having just one motor to drive the beater bar/brush and create the suction)

or a dual motor vacuum (having a motor dedicated to the beater bar and another motor dedicated to creating suction), 

heavy or high soiled areas need a wealth of robust vacuuming.

Heavy/High soil load areas always vary by each facility I visit, but I will list some of the more common areas to look for:

1) The first 40' inside any entry point. 2) Elevators with carpeting. 3) Outside restrooms that may be carpeted.

4) Carpeted stairwells seem to always be heavily soiled. 5) All areas of transitioning from a hard surface to carpet.

6) Common gathering areas such as the water cooler, a nurse's station, and copiers.

Heavy/High soil load places should be your main focus in your campaign against soil and the damage it will cause your floors.

If you let soil accumulate in these areas, not only will it cause damage to your carpet, it will spread further into your facility.

Now, after the heavy soil load areas have been properly addressed, your focus should then become your production rate

and which vacuum cleaner is the quickest and most efficient in the area you need to clean. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in San Angelo

technician cleaning commercial carpet in an office area

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We LOVE commercial carpet cleaning . We don't just clean your carpet; we respect it. Our team of bonded and insured technicians can handle the smallest local job to the biggest and most challenging national jobs correctly and on time. 

We are Google's top rated carpet cleaner in our area. We offer superior carpet cleaning services for both, commercial and residential clients.

For superior commercial carpet cleaning in San Angelo and the surrounding areas, give us a call today at 325-658-1887 

man cleaning carpet in a commercial office

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.

Our Chem-Dry technicians can analyze your facility and confirm the most effective and attainable cleaning schedule to assist in keeping your carpet and upholstery looking new. 

Working in conjunction with you or your team members, we are going to determine heavy, moderate and light traffic areas.

Next, we will develop a customized cleaning program that creates your entire workplace into a cleaner, healthier, happier place to work. 

cup of coffee being spilled on the carpet

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Unlike many steam cleaners, Chem-Dry’s core cleaner, The Natural, does not contain dirt-attracting soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals.

This equates to your carpets staying cleaner longer. 

That means less frequent professional cleanings are necessary, which, in return, saves you money !!

Carpet Cleaning Reviews

"It always amazes me how well you bring that area back to life."

 "As always, a thorough and complete and professional performance." 

"You have literally given our gate area floor covering ‘new life’ and have undoubtedly saved us the cost of replacing this carpet in the process."

 "Exceeded all expectations!  The workers were very polite & gave suggestions on how to keep the carpet looking its best longer." 

"This old carpet looks like new!"

 "Immediate payback in terms of visual expectations." 

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

Chem-Dry of San Angelo offers superior carpet and upholstery cleaning.